Under-boiler for
heating and domestic water
Caleffi XS ® & XP
Extra safety
Extra protection


We constantly seek new solutions that redefine comfort. Reliable, easy-to-install solutions that are beautiful to look at, just like Caleffi XS®. Our magnetic filter, the most compact on the market, has an eXtra strong internal magnet, eXtra safe mesh and is extremely easy to inspect thanks to its transparent body, making it a true icon in an eXtra small size.

Retains impurities
Mechanical filtration
Equipped with magnet
Easy to clean
Modern design

  • Its very small dimensions make it suitable for all generator types, whether installed in new or retrofit systems.

  • The refined white and chrome lines of the Caleffi XS dirt separator filter ensure that it blends perfectly with the home environment in which it is installed, without damaging its aesthetics.

  • The chamber has transparent windows, allowing the user to check whether the internal elements need to be cleaned.

  • Cleaning can be carried out by following a few simple steps.

  • The handy kit means that the Caleffi XS dirt separator filter can be used as a point for adding chemical additives to the system.

  • The transparent windows make it extremely easy to check whether the component requires maintenance.



When it comes to health, our decision is crystal clear. The new 5459 series Caleffi XP polyphosphate dispenser protects domestic hot water systems without affecting water potability, thanks to the extra-proportional dosage of polyphosphate crystals. It is so precise and efficient that intervals between refills are also extended.

Reduces limescale and corrosion
Maintains water potability
Easy to refill
Robust brass body
Fewer filling cycles

  • The polyphosphate crystals, combined with our dispensing technology, ensure the refill lasts longer than 6 months.

  • Compact and easy to install. Direct under-boiler or hose connection.

  • The extra proportional dispenser protects and cleans the the domestic hot water system, thanks to the action of the polyphosphate crystals.

  • Only a few steps are required to refill the crystals; the transparent windows allow checking of the status at any time.

  • For complete protection of domestic water systems, the Caleffi XS® dirt separator filter can be fitted under the boiler, on the heating system return line.

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